Small Linux 0.9.0 +

Small Linux is a mini-distro which runs on low spec. computers, it consists of two floppy discs one,containing the kernel and the other the root system. It can also be installed on an attached hard drive.


The most recent release is

Where Can I Get It?

The two binary image files can be downloaded from the project sourceforge page, here

Mailing List

Any questions please use the sourceforge mailing list or forums


Small Linux contains features:

Other Programs Avaliable

See here

Uses for Small Linux

Small Linux 0.9.0 + is tested on a:

This computer is used as a backup server running pureftpd (binary avaliable here)and is networked directly to my development computer

Other Computers that Small Linux is known to work on click here

If you run Small Linux please inform us (via mailing list or forum) what your specifications are and also what you use it for.


Small Linux <0.81


Please use the sourceforge mailing list or forums for questions or comments

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Small Linux was originally the project of superant